Short-term lease which is under one to three months, Tenant will be requested pay one-month deposit, while for long-term lease Tenant need to pay two-month deposit. The Tenant shall pay the Rental fully in advance each month. If the Tenant makes default in such payment for five (5) days or more, he shall on demand made by the landlord pay interest on all arrears as the rate of one (1) percent per month from the due date / dates to the date of payment.


The Monthly Rental are inclusive of rooms rates, the government rates, management charges, and provision of furniture, fittings, household utensils and the items stated in the Inventory List. While tenant shall pay charges for electricity, water consumed, gas counted by actual use.


The Stamp Duty payable on the Agreement in Duplicate shall be borne by the Landlord and the Tenant in equal shares.


The Tenant shall keep the non-structural parts of the interior of the premises as the Landlord shall with reasonable notice to the Tenant designate in replacement in good and clean condition (fair wear & tear excepted) and shall make good any loss and damage caused therein to the landlord or to any person whomsoever directly or indirectly.


The Tenant shall keep all furniture, furnishings and other items set out in the Inventory List attached hereto (as varied from time to time) (collectively the “Contents”) in good condition (fair wear & tear excepted) and shall not remove any of the Contents from the Premises and shall make good all loss and damage to the Contents.


Subject to the observance by the Tenant of the terms and condition herein contained, the landlord shall keep and maintain the interior of the Premises and the furniture in good, tenantable and working condition.


The Tenant shall use the Premises for no other purpose except as a private residence and not to use or allow or suffer the same to be used for any other purpose without the prior consent in writing of the Landlord.


The Tenant shall share the use and enjoyment of the public facilities area (eg. Club House, swimming pool, etc) amicably, quietly and peaceably with the Landlord and with the other guests, residents, visitors and users of, to and in the public facilities area and shall not do or permit or suffer to be done in or upon the Premises or any part thereof anything which may cause nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to the Landlord or other guests, residents, visitors or users of, to and in the public facilities area.


The Tenant shall not cut, maim, injure or remove from the premises any of the Contents therein.


The Tenant acknowledges and understands that this is a Tenancy Agreement only and accordingly is personal to the Tenant, and the Tenant is neither allowed to transfer the benefit of the Tenancy Agreement nor to allow others to occupy or use the Premises except with the written approval of the Landlord.


The Tenant acknowledges and understands that he shall have exclusive possession of the premises except that the Landlord or its duly authorized agents, staff and employees may enter the Premises or any part thereof in case of emergency.


The Tenancy Agreement shall determine upon the expiry of the Term of Tenancy and the Deposits paid shall be refunded to the Tenant without interest after making necessary reasonable deductions there from within fourteen (14) working days after the Tenant and any other persons named in the Tenancy Agreement vacating the Premises or delivering up vacant possession of the Premises whichever is later.


The Tenant agrees with the Landlord not to assign transfer sublet or part with the possession of the Premises or any part thereof the previous consent in writing of the Landlord.


At the expiration or sooner determination of the said term, the Tenant agrees to quietly yield up to the Landlord the Premises and all fixtures fittings decorations partitions improvements and additions thereto in good and substantial repair and condition (fair wear and tear excepted).


TWO WEEKS before termination, the Tenant should allow the Landlord to offer a visit the Premises to other Tenant subject to pre-arranged appointment.


Upon expiry of the Tenancy, the Tenant or his authorized representative(s) if any shall remove from the Premises all the items and belongings and properties belonging to the Tenant failing which, the Landlord shall have the right and it hereby authorized by the Tenant to dispose of all the items and properties belonging to the Tenant in whatever way the landlord deems fit including selling or discarding the same. In such event, the Tenant shall have no claim(s) whatsoever against the Landlord in respect of those items and properties. Further, the Landlord is entitled to charge and the Tenant is obliged to pay a handling charge of HK$3,000.00 to the Landlord. This clause is of the essence of the Agreement.

17. The Tenant acknowledges and understands that, in consequence of the nature and terms of the Tenancy Agreement, the Landlord shall have the right and may determine this Tenancy Agreement prior to the expiry of the same.
  a) If the Tenant shall make default in paying the Monthly Rental, whether demanded or
not for more than seven (7) days;




With two days advance notice if the Tenant is in breach of any term of this Tenancy Agreement and has failed to remedy such breach within a period of ten (10) days following receipt of written notice thereof from the Landlord. Any determination pursuant to this clause shall not affect or prejudice in respect of any present or antecedent breach of this Tenancy Agreement by the Tenant.


The Landlord, its employees, staffs, agents or other duly authorized representatives shall not be liable in any extent and manner to the Tenant and any other person whomsoever in respect or any loss or damage to person or property resulting from the defect or breakdown in the service system, escape of fumes, water, smoke or fire and the common areas in The Building and the security thereof unless that loss or damage is caused by the willful act or willful default of the Landlord, its staff or agents.


Both parties has the right to terminate the lease during optional period (if have) with two (2) months written notice in advance or payment in lieu of notice after a minimum stay of fourteen (14) months inclusive of two (2) month’s written notice.


The Tenant has inspected the Premises and the contents therein.


This Tenancy Agreement shall be construed and take effect according to the laws of Hong Kong S.A.R.


The Tenant shall not keep any dogs or cats or other pets in the Premises or any part thereof.


The Tenant shall have two set of keys to the Premises. If the Tenant loses the set of or any of the keys the landlord will replace same upon the Tenant paying the reasonable cost of having a replacement key.

24. The Tenant shall not play music loudly or make or cause other audio and / or visual effects in manner, which unreasonably interferes with the enjoyment of other suites or part of The Building.